Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Truth Journal: Mocking The Romney Campaign: Late Nite Jokes, Funny Photos

A Truth Journal: Mocking The Romney Campaign: Late Nite Jokes, Funny Photos: From Denny:  Tomorrow night the big political match-up between the flip-flopping challenger Republican Mitt Romney and incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama will be nationally televised.  So far to date, Romney senior advisers have whined about the political polls incorrectly lean toward people identifying themselves as Democrats.

What's the matter?  Find your Republican base eroding?  Even here in former red state Louisiana droves of people no longer identify with the Republican Party and now list themselves as Independents.  If the Democrats actually got serious about making their case more Independents would sign on into the Democrat camp permanently.

More weird in this odd campaign, Romney sends out his wife to whine to the press about "how hard it is" to run for President.  Oh, please, watch the millionaire's wife bitch about working for a few short interview stints and campaign rallies.  How about all the people bitching as to why their pension funds are sitting in the Romney personal account because of his corporate raider ways?  Last time we all checked that's called "ill gotten gains."

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