Friday, June 15, 2012

The Social Poets: John Edwards: DOJ Admits His Innocence, Drops Charges

The Social Poets: John Edwards: DOJ Admits His Innocence, Drops Charges: From Denny:  The word is with several investigations launched - and from many different quarters - breathing down their necks, the DOJ decided to clear their desk and end the political vendetta against former Senator John Edwards.  Are they trying to bury any evidence that would place them in danger of being put in jail for witness and jury tampering?

Law experts all believed it would be months or a couple of years before Edwards could breathe a sigh of relief, anticipating whether or not the DOJ would file a second trial against him after the mistrial on five counts but an acquittal on the major count.

After all, this is one seriously vicious political year and Obama must turn his attention away from savaging fellow Democrats to savaging his contender, Romney.  Romney sure won't spare Obama any slack on the vicious front.  He's a Republican with truckloads of cash suddenly pouring in from Wall Street to help deluge Obama with negative ads.  Democrat donors are fed up with the Obama-Axelrod coalition and the money is just not there for his reelection.

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