Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Social Poets: Im Just Saying: How To Protect Your Vote

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The Social Poets: Im Just Saying: How To Protect Your Vote: From Denny:  Middle Class America watches the national political scene play out and we have all come to the same conclusion.  Yes, both political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are so ridiculously compromised by corporate money they are morally rotten to the core.

Neither party listens to their base.  Neither party seriously considers doing anything for their base to improve their lives for such obvious areas like the outrageous cost of health insurance or equal pay in the work place.

Don't believe the moral rot to be true?  There was a time, like the 2008 election, when $100 million won the campaign.  Consider this:  President Obama bragged about how he and Team Obama were collecting $1 billion for his reelection campaign.

The Republicans' Bragging Rights?  They are collecting their own $1 billion - via the Karl Rove machine - and adding to it as we speak.  Over $300 million alone has been donated from The Koch Brothers in this election cycle, the ultra conservative billionaires that hate unions and the unemployed.
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