Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Social Poets: John Edwards Trial: Bizarre Alternate Jury Antics

Four Trials by John Edwards
Four Trials by John Edwards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Social Poets: John Edwards Trial: Bizarre Alternate Jury Antics: From Denny:  For the past couple of days the four alternate jurors have been acting out in the courtroom during the wait for the jury deliberation.  Talk about strange.

Yesterday, the four alternate jurors all wore yellow shirts in solidarity.  Solidarity for what?  Today they all wore red.  Just what are these people up to and who paid them to do it - and why now?

The past couple of days there has been more odd behavior.  Of the four jurors, three are men and one is a woman.  The woman has been seen giggling and tittering when entering the courtroom, flirtatious with Edwards constantly.

Talk about inappropriate.  Why has the judge not dismissed this woman?  Why is this alternate juror just now doing this after weeks of testimony?  What's going on here?

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