Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Visual Insights: 57 Best Of Clever Romantic Valentines Day Photos

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Visual Insights: 57 Best Of Clever Romantic Valentines Day Photos: From Denny: Check out the cutest and funniest pet photos for Valentine's Day.

Then it's on to artistic creative photographers trying to figure out how to capture the theme of the day. It's tough to come up with something new and different for such an overdone theme as hearts. I especially like the ones of men walking across great distances in the cold weather clutching flowers for their ladies.

There are crafters and artists with creative turns on the theme, with links to their blogs. Not to be missed are the cupcake, cake and coffee food photos. One is a plate of rose petals with a fork.

Be sure to click on the photos to go to the photographers' flickr pages and blogs where they discuss their art process or the situation for the photo.

I sure had fun going through 2700 photos to do this post because so many made me laugh and others were food for inspiration. Happy Valentine's Day!
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