Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny Lady Gaga Makes Grand Egg Entrance To Grammys

From Denny: Tonight Lady Gaga kept us laughing as she made her grand entrance to the Grammy Awards. She was encased in a giant egg, declaring she was "in incubation" in preparation for her Grammy ceremony performance. What a funny diva.

Gaga arrived on the famous red carpet carried inside an alien-looking dinosaur egg while carried royally aloft by attendants dressed in the appropriate diva gold. It was difficult to see her inside the egg. Gaga, now age 24, is competing for six awards tonight.

Remember the MTV Music Video Awards last September? Yeah, the really bizarre attention getter was when she donned a dress of ewwww! raw red meat. That stunt - and the "dress" - sure grabbed headlines.

As to tonight's entrance she tweeted from the red carpet: "This is Nicola, Haus of Gaga: Gaga is in incubation. Tonight's performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler. X"

Lady Gaga is expected to perform her new single "Born This Way" live on the Grammys stage later tonight.

What Lady Gaga has to say about her outrageous outfits and their inspiration:

"There's nothing that I've ever put on my body that I didn't understand where it came from, the reference of it, who inspired it. There's always some sort of a story or a concept that I'm telling."

As to her song writing (bad) habits, she admits she smokes weed and drinks whiskey when composing. Gaga says she has come to realize that doing so isn't so good for her voice so she tries not to do it too often.

She says she does not encourage her fans to do the same. "I don't want to encourage kids to do drugs... and I don't lie. I'm not a liar. I built good will with my fans. They know who I am. And I'm just like them in so many ways."

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