Friday, April 6, 2012

Poems From A Spiritual Heart: The Long Road, An Easter Poem

Long Road's End Poems From A Spiritual Heart: The Long Road, An Easter Poem: From Denny:  An Easter poem about how sacrifice can deliver unexpected pleasant surprises.  With global protests against oppressive governments, like the Arab Spring in the Middle East, and against greedy Big Business like the Occupy Protests in the West, it is evident there is great need in the world.

When economic times and society get hard pressed what is the one thing you can do about all the wrong going on around you?  You can be a friend.  You can slow down, even come to a full stop on your own life, and look around to see what is happening in your vicinity.

To address the needs, think of offering some real friendship and mentor those around you.  You will be surprised how many people will tell you how glad they are you took time for them as they thought no one would ever notice how much they were struggling.  It could be at work, at church, your neighborhood, the local grocery store, anywhere.  Offering the fact that you care is often the most appreciated.


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