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34 Oscars Celebs, Gowns, Hair, Gift Bags For 2011

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From Denny: There was so much hype for months about this year's Oscars that the winners were not much of a  surprise. Most people did not seem to think the hosts had much chemistry for this type of show. It is a difficult show to host for the most talented and experienced. You try making "And the winner is..." sound fresh and exciting every millionth time you say it. At some point it does make your eyes glaze over and your brain start to snooze. That's why I enjoy the red carpet fashion show, good or bad, just to liven up things!

I found a video clip about how to do some of the Oscar hair which was interesting, so take a look.  And there is another video about the gift bags this year for the "losers." Get this: these are $100,000 gift bags so the losers don't feel bad after they lose in front of millions of viewers.  Interesting is how many celebs "re-gift" their gift bags for charities to raffle off - like George Clooney for one.  What a great guy!

Here's the list of who won what:

83rd Academy Awards

Best Picture - The King's Speech
Best Director - Tom Hooper, The King's Speech
Best Actor - Colin Firth, The King's Speech
Best Actress - Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bale, The Fighter
Best Supporting Actress - Melissa Leo, The Fighter
Best Original Screenplay - The King's Speech
Best Adapted Screenplay - The Social Network
Best Animated Feature - Toy Story 3
Best Foreign Language Film - In A Better World
Best Documentary Feature - Inside Job
Best Animated Short - The Lost Thing
Best Live Action Short - God Of Love
Best Documentary Short - Stranger No More
Best Costume Design, Best Art Direction - Alice In Wonderland
Best Original Score - The Social Network
Best Original Song - "We Belong Together"
Best Makeup - The Wolfman
Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing - Inception

Road to the Awards: Red Carpet Hair

Photo by Steve Granitz/ 
Erin Andrews
Grade: B

ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews sported  a silver Kaufman Franco dress. Fashion critics gave this look an average grade.  The problem with wearing silver, beige, even white on the red carpet is that it does not photograph that well against all the busy background and the night.  Photographers end up using a flash which can wash out detail, causing the dress to look dowdy or uninspiring.  If we saw all these dresses in person we would probably think they are gorgeous.  Unfortunately, the camera does not record all the richness in detail and color depth that the human eye does.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Daphne Zuniga
Grade: C+

Not all the red carpet actresses we here to receive an award.  Many were here to support a designer as well as a friend up for an award.  Zuniga, of "One Tree Hill," was supporting designer Nicole Miller. I have to say I agree with the grade assessment as this dress does not seem to hang or fit well on her upper body.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Donald and Melania Trump
Grade: B-

Oh, that bizarre distracting signature coif of The Donald.  Well, at least the wife, Melania, was hot in Dolce & Gabbana.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images 
Maria Menounos
Grade: B

Worn by "Access Hollywood" correspondent, Maria Menounos, this one-sleeved elegant dress in black velvet was designed by Johanna Johnson.  It reminds me of a nod back to the 80's at a crossroads with the Hollywood glam 30's. Nice bling!

Photo by Kevin Mazur/ 
Julia Ormond
Grade: C

What is it with beautiful actresses as they grow older?  They seem to lose their fashion sense and grace. It's like Morticia Munster going on here.  It's like the designer ran out of inspiration once they got past the knee.

Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Images 
Aishwarya Rai
Grade: B+

A lot of critics didn't like this copper dress by Armani.  On her, it looks wonderful and she wears it with ease.  But then this Bollywood actress could appear in a pillowcase and look good.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/ 
Hugh Jackman
Grade: B+

Australian Jackman sports a double-breasted Ferragamo tux. Looks like his pretty wife, Deborra-Lee,  suffered a fashion flop.  What is that black-and-white feathery wrap thing?  Maybe it's time for photographers to take aside all the actors to give them an idea of how to dress for the camera.  Often, what looks great in the mirror or close up does not play well in photos.  Sad but true.  The feathery wrap may have been fabulous in person but not here because it gives the appearance of carrying cheerleader pom-poms.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images 
Cheryl Hines
Grade: B

A sweeheart neckline done in a shimmering black gown from the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star. Hines accessorized with a stunning diamond necklace and a casual up-do. I don't know why they didn't give her an A for this look.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Dale Dickey
Grade: B

A fit figure, a trim classic sparkling blue dress, what more could you want?  She looked great. Dickey won Best Supporting Actress Independent Spirit Award in "Winter's Bone."

Road to the Awards: Celebrity Gifts

Photo by Matt Sayles/AP Photo 
Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves
Grade: A

"Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" McConaughey definitely was upstaged by wow-factor Camila Alves.  She wore a Kaufman Franco gown and he wore Dolce & Gabbana.  This was my favorite couple of the night.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Hilary Swank
Grade: B

Hilary look stunning in this feathered metallic and strapless Gucci gown.  She has won two Oscars already. Some critics fussed they were tired of this look.  "Shut the front door!" cry babies.  Swank looked great.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Florence Welch
Grade: D

Florence is the lead singer in her band "The Florence and the Machine." Critics complained she should rename her band as Florence and the Frontier.  Well, I winced when I saw this sorry dress.  It is frumpy and it would be a rare woman that could carry it off and not look silly.  This tiered dress is from Valentino and there is just too much of it to be able to look elegant.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Virginia Madsen
Grade: C-

This seems to be a classic look women turn to as they hit their 50's.  In any other year than one with "Black Swan" taking awards and this dress might not have been so harshly judged.  The gown is designed by Romona Keveza and was completed by a messy tress up-do and chandelier earrings.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images 
Mandy Moore
Grade: C

Mandy performed her song from “Tangled” at the awards.  A beautiful dress done in this bare shade of nude ends up turning the person from star to blah.  Again, the camera eye just can't "see" how beautiful this crystal-encrusted gown is by Monique Lhuillier.  Nude tends to wash out and blend into the surroundings rather than helping a star stand out and look special. Another color should have been chosen.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 
Cate Blanchett
Grade: B-

Blanchett likes to take subtle fashion risks.  This Givenchy Couture gown is done in a pale lavender silk chiffon. Do you like her out-of-the-box look?  To me it looks a lot like gowns from around 1905, very feminine with some almost military statement. I don't think this lovely lavender worked at all for the camera though I bet it looks good with her delicate coloring.  What did work was the jewelry from Van Cleef & Arpels.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Marisa Tomei
Grade: D+

Nothing about this vintage 1950's dress was able to impress.  Perhaps if a designer had reworked it and seen to it that it fit correctly then it might have made the grade. Definitely rip off some of the ruffle skirt fluff that is so distracting.  I guess she was trying to out-do Julia Roberts a few years back when she wore a vintage dress to the Oscars?  About the only way that works is if the dress is a classic column look.  This vintage dress was originally designed by Charles Couture from Lily et Cie.

Photo by Steve Granitz/ 
Jackie Weaver
Grade: B-

While this is a lovely dress it doesn't work well for anyone overweight.  We've all been there with some larger sized clothes in our closets.  The first rule to look slimming in clothing is to not cut yourself at the waist with a horizontal line - unless you are over six feet tall and you can get away with it. If you notice, rarely do any of the best looking Oscar gowned actresses wear anything but a solid column of color or design.

The beading is lovely but this "Animal Kingdom" Best Supporting Actress nominee would have looked better in a V-necked styled gown and a bit more padding for the shoulders.  The longer sleeves here are good as is the A-line skirt, though it would have been better to make it less bouffant. Another choice that would have looked great is if the designer made an all beaded dress with a small A-flare which would have been more slimming and very showy, fitting for the red carpet. The dress is designed by fellow Australian Collette Dinnigan.

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images 
Sharon Stone
Grade: D+

Like the critics agreed, perhaps a little too much Cruella de Ville going on here.  This is a one-shoulder feather-adorned gown by Christian Dior.  Definitely a case of too much going on with a flat black color that does nothing for her.  This once steamy star is going down that fashion faux pas road like so many older actresses.

Any time you do a one-shoulder that already distracts and sets the balance of the dress off kilter.  Adding more adornment - whether color, design or texture - on top of that can be overwhelming no matter how pretty you are. Less is more.  Maybe a softer color and less severe hair and lose the feathers?

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images 
Annette Bening
Grade: A

Beautiful and sparkling sexy Art Deco gown by Naeem Khan is stunning on this older actress who always looks polished, beautiful and balanced. Annette Bening never stumbles over fashion, always a winner.

Melissa Leo
Grade: D+

This dubious heavy lace creation is by designer Marc Bouwer.  What was he thinking?  Well, after many stumbles in Oscar promotion and on the stage dropping the F-bomb she did win her long coveted Oscar for "The Fighter."

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images
Helen Mirren
Grade: A-

Designer Vivienne Westwood hit it out of the park with this gunmetal gray awesome gown.  Mirren knows how to look star quality and never screws up.  Hard to believe she is over 65 as she is beautiful with a graceful short do.  Check out those Cartier diamonds.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Celine Dion
Grade: B+

Hard to believe Dion gave birth to twin boys just last October when you see her in this dress. Svelte and sleek describes this gown by Armani Prive.  She kept her signature long locks loose and lightened, adorned by a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace.

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images 
Amy Adams
Grade: A-

Amy Adams is always surprising us as she changes her look and hair color often.  Also up for Best Supporting Actress in "The Fighter." A beautiful form-fitting L'Wren Scott gown.  Cartier jewels in emerald and diamonds. OK, so slap me, but I think there is too much jewelry here.  Choose one or the other, not both. I would have chosen only the bracelet since she also chose to wear her hair long and waved.  The gown and the woman are beautiful enough so the jewelry is just supposed to be a finishing touch. If she wanted to wear both the necklace and the bracelet it would have looked better to subdue the hair up or pulled back.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Hailee Steinfeld
Grade: A

Designer Marchesa is as equally comfortable dressing a young teenager, 14 years old, in a perfect pale pink frock as dressing a steamy Hollywood star like Halle Berry.  Steinfeld starred in "True Grit" and was up for Best Supporting Actress.  Steinfeld even helped Marchesa create this one-of-a-kind dress!

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Busy Philipps
Grade: B-

This “Cougar Town” star hit the red carpet super glamorous in a black fishtail gown. OK, I'm no fan of fishtail gowns and I guess I never will be.  There is just too much going on here. Don't these fishtail designs just make you want to take a pair of scissors and cut a huge slit so it looks more natural when she walks?

Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images 
Michelle Williams
Grade: B

This classic vanilla safe look was panned by many fashion critics.  Some thought this style dress too old for her. Williams was up for Best Actress in "Blue Valentine." A pixie cut paired with the embellished Chanel gown.  Harry Winston diamond earrings were stunning for this simple look.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/ 
Helena Bonham Carter
Grade: B-

Helena was up for Best Supporting Actress in "The King's Speech."  She usually attends the Oscars looking fashion ridiculous, like some ten year old acting out.  This eccentric outfit was low key for her.  True to her childish roots, she chose "Alice in Wonderland" costume designer Colleen Atwood.  This was relatively conservative as a black bustier ensemble for Helena which she paired with a fan-shaped clutch, commenting, “I thought it would be nice to celebrate film instead of fashion.”

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Mila Kunis
Grade: B-

Kunis was in "Black Swan" and this ethereal lacy lavender Elie Saab gown fits that dreamy quality of the ballet. Diamond earrings and sideswept bangs were her accessories.  She looks stellar and should have gotten an "A" for this graceful feminine beauty."

Photo by Steve Granitz/ 
Gwyneth Paltrow
Grade: A-

This shimmering Calvin Klein creation combined with the straight blond locks and glowing tan caused critics to dub her a California Barbie.  I like the dress and if she didn't have a tan to contrast this pale dress they would have slammed her too.  Perhaps if she styled her hair back or up into a classic style it would have spared her the criticism.

Photo by Jason Merritt Getty Images 
Jennifer Hudson
Grade: A

OK, totally awesome! Hudson was thrilled to strut her newly trimmed physique in this traffic-stopping tangerine va-va-va-voom Versace halter gown. Too bad she was photographed against the red as a deeper background would have been better.  You could tell Hudson felt like a star. This was truly a stellar moment!

Photo by Matt Sayles AP Images
Jennifer Lawrence
Grade: A

This is when simple is best, especially when you have a lot of bright color going on.  Lawrence was up for Best Actress in "Winter's Bone."  This sexy simplicity gown was designed by Calvin Klein.  When you wear your hair long and flowing go minimal on the jewelry like she did with Chopard.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images 
Colin Firth
Grade: A

Best Actor winner in "The King's Speech," Firth wore a Tom Ford suit. His wife Livia looked stunning but no details on the designer gown.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/ 
Scarlett Johansson
Grade: B+

Johansson exudes smoldering confidence in a risqué Dolce & Gabbana magenta lace gown and tossed bed hair.

Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP Images 
Sandra Bullock
Grade: A

Bullock was the Best Actress winner in 2010 and she sure hit it out of the ball park with this stunner - one of my absolute favorites.  Elegant in a strapless scarlet Vera Wang gown, she kept her accessories simple: ruby red lips, crocodile clutch and a simple up-do.  The dress shows off Sandra instead of the other way around.  Well done!

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