Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2 Great and Easy Pecan Bundt Cake Recipes

Photo by Arthur D. Lauck

2 Easy Cake Recipes: Louisiana Praline Toffee Bundt Cake, Southern Livings Popular Praline Cake

From Denny: Was looking through my years old newspaper food sections files, before throwing them out, decided to digitize some of the better recipes. This one is an awesome one for using fresh pecans that are in season right now. It came from a regional church cookbook, those cookbook equivalents of little "hole in the wall" great cooking restaurants that are difficult to find.

Also, provided is an online resource for purchasing Louisiana pecans. This farmer is friendly and a real delight every weekend when he comes in to the downtown Baton Rouge Farmers' Market to sell his products. Reasonably priced too. Take a look!


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