Saturday, October 24, 2009

15 Posts to Get You Grinning!

Crazy Conan O'Brien

From Denny: Amazing how when you are having such a great time researching funny quotes you end up with a bunch of great posts people are enjoying! Thanks for your support, everyone.

It is funny how when you start a blog to stash all the funny quotes you enjoy that you end up seeing them all from a very different perspective of just making lists. Story lines evolve in the imagination and it isn't long before you are off and running with yet another post. This kind of writing is like the photographer's perspective of trying to capture a subject that you can only hear, just a wee bit elusive but oh, so fun... Laughter really is the best medicine!

41 Funny Conan OBrien Quotes

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For silly Halloween:

25 Funny Quotes about Jokes and Politics

Funny Halloween Quotes, Halloween Cartoon

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For Cat Lovers:

10 Funny Cute Cat Quotes and Cat Cartoon

Cat Fairy Tales to Soothe on a Bad Day!

For political junkies:

3 Comic Strips: Ancient Egypt to Todays Politics Still Crazy

25 Funny Quotes about Jokes and Politics

For Foodies:

42 Monday Morning Funny Coffee Quotes, Coffee Cartoon

5 Funny Quotes About Chocolate Love

5 Funny Cooking Quotes to Give You a Grin! Funny Einstein Photo

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5 Funny Coffee Quotes & Coffee Cartoon


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