Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 Choices This Weeks Posts 1 Oct 2009

Retro poster - do you ever feel like the banks are playing chess with the American and European public...?

Warning: Tsunami karmic backlash on its way!

From Denny: Here's some of what's going on...

Dennys Global Politics:

Videos: Hidden Bank Practices Regarding Deceptive Fees - this will make your blood boil; it did me!

Video: Making a Difference - American High School Kids From Chicago Helping Casablanca Poor
- this is really cool! these young kids go to help others in their sister city across the world. what's more impressive is the local man who helps kids out of poverty by supporting them in their education, including girls.

Video: American Diplomatic Mistake Goes Viral - a common mistake by a young administration when they should have their aides consulting the diplomats for correct protocol.

3 Videos: Free Health Clinics Serving Middle Class America Now, Republicans Party of No Answers - this is sure sad to see people making $60,000 a year forced to drop their health insurance and use free health clinics as their only resource. Many have held off on various maintenance for years.

7 Videos: Former President Bill Clinton on Meet The Press - all short videos on various subjects, all interesting!

Photo by liber @ flickr

Dennys Funny Quotes

7 More Funny Cooking Quotes, Bad Cooks Cartoon - worth the look just to see how I reinterpreted the cartoon (read the caption).

5 Funny Cooking Quotes to Give You a Grin! Funny Einstein Photo - worth the look just for the funny photoshoped Einstein playing rock guitar! :)

Cute Monday Morning Job Quotes, Cartoon too

3 More Funny Coffee Quotes and Coffee Cartoon

5 Funny Coffee Quotes & Coffee Cartoon


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