Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Social Poets: Sleazy Obama Campaign Reaches New Low Trolling For Donors


The Social Poets: Sleazy Obama Campaign Reaches New Low Trolling For Donors: From Denny:  In a new low of politics, the Obama camp has turned on their Sleaze Factor to record high levels.  They expect donations to come to them in lieu of your bridal registry, your birthday gifts, even your wedding anniversary.  Can Obama sound any more self-absorbed and greedy?  The Creep Freak Flag is flying high and it isn't even Halloween season yet.

Democrat campaign donors are drying up in this political mean season.  Big Banks and Big Business have all made a mad dash to Team Romney, anointing him with boatloads of cash like they did Obama six months before the election in 2008.  Big Business has changed sides this year.

Obama disappointed Big Business and his own voters alike.  Big Business whined for the entire past 3.5 years, complaining about any mild slaps on the wrists and cheap easy fines from Obama (so he could appear to look good to the public).  Real Democrats complained Obama sucked up to Big Business and never defended the middle class, instead allowing half of the middle class to slip into low income and poverty on his watch.  The middle class have lost their homes by the millions as millions of jobs trotted off overseas.

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