Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dogs Are People Too: Meet 6 New Breeds

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From Denny: Right about now my husband is thrilled I'm not taking time away from his sports to watch parts of a dog show to catch some of the new breeds. This clip sure makes short work of sifting through a long show to get a look at them. Remember: dogs are people too! :)

Meet the six new breeds in the Westminster Dog Show:

Boykin Spaniel - Sporting Group, developed for hunting, official state dog of South Carolina. They are water retrieval dogs for water fowl that are supposed to be small enough to work out of a boat and not rock the boat. They are assertive and enthusiastic.

Blue Tick Coon Hound - athletic, compact, determined, steady tracker and speedy. They hunt cougar and bear by treeing them and also hunt raccoon.

Redbone Coon Hound - pleading expression, confident air, courageous, raccoon hunting. They are known for being a versatile hunting dog and a natural tracking ability.

Cane Corso - an Italian mastiff of the Working Breed that is confident, intelligent and easily trained. Make a great body guard as they are a serious dog.

Leonberger - a huge dog that is known for being calm, graceful and a great family dog. Originally from Leonberg, Germany of the Working Breed, used as a farm or draft dog.

Icelandic Sheepdog - welcomes visitors without aggression and are known for being cheerful, friendly and inquisitive. They herd sheep and are sent out to find lost sheep and retrieve them on their own.

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