Friday, May 8, 2009

Check Out New Coffee Recipes and Amusing Poem!

From Denny: Posts have been delayed due to my jury duty service this week but I'm getting back up to speed.

Well, hike yourself on over to my blog called The Social Poets for the Libations Friday! 8 May 2009.

Why? New coffee recipes, new coffee site, original and amusing light-hearted poem by "moi" AND it's Friday! Does Life get any better? :)

Oh, and if you have never visited this blog before now, just scroll on down past the posting area to get an overview of all my blogs. There are the blog descriptions so you can get a feel for each blog's focus and personality. There are also headlines of the latest postings from each blog all contained on one page, a convenient fast-paced glance. Enjoy!

Photo by Sarah Sitkin @ flickr

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